YIKES! From Death to Miscarriages to Life and Pregnancy…The Journey of My Practice

Arvada acupunture

by: Jana Royer-Morian

Inspired By Life: What happens when you’ve lost that Love and Feeling… (you know, like the song)

Acupuncture for Side Effects Of Cancer In working with fertility and cancer, the good days are REALLY good, the bad days are REALLY bad but I know with all my heart that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.  I am grateful…

It’s important for me to show you that I am not only a practitioner, but I also have to practice what I preach AND I am not always perfect. I understand the struggle …I really do. Life has many course, but as long as you aren’t on the journey alone…we can achieve anything.

Here is my story:
It’s been so long since I did any writing for my Inspired By Life blog and although I can come up with a million excuses as to why… truth is I just haven’t felt Inspired for a very long time. It’s been a rough time lately and in the last year and a half I’ve had a lot of really intense ups and downs.  I put my heart and soul into opening a wellness center for cancer patients and after many months of blood, sweat and tears I had to walk away from it.  I’ve felt for the first time in my life that maybe I am not actually immune to failure and that perhaps I can’t always will something in to being successful no matter how much I want it to be.  I’ve lost friends, people I’ve loved for a long time; I’ve pushed family members away and I’ve lost other relationships both professional and personal which meant so much to me.  I’ve lost so many of my cancer patients it breaks my heart to even think about; people who I celebrated with on the days that things looked like they were turning around and the same people who we cried together on the days things were looking bleak.

I’ve worked with couples who want to conceive and can’t, conceive then miscarried, and obviously couples who were successful.


in each situation…

there were many months of being the voice of hope in a new cycle, the voice of reason during the unknown and the shoulder to cry on when Day 1 came back around.

I’ve had plenty of my own challenging health issues, things that have forced me to realize that I can’t continue to eat junk, abuse my body, let my stress levels rule my life, stay up late (as I write this at 12:15am…SHHHHHH), and work so hard I can’t see the forest through the trees.  I’ve learned that my body has a breaking point and at the ripe old age of 33 (34 this month!)… I have reached it.  I’ve lost dogs… (and YES! I’m one of those crazy dog people).  At times I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind.  And finally I have lost time; a year and a half of floating through life.  At times playing victim to my circumstances, at times just sitting in a imaginary cave and pretending like the world wasn’t falling down around me.  If there’s anything I’ve learned through all this is to fight for what you love, stay in control of your thoughts, let your emotions go and trust that this too shall pass or as my mother always says… “we’ll get there from here.”

After all of this loss and after all of this time the clouds have finally started to lift and I am beginning to to have hope… beginning to be Inspired again.  And so as I write this blog, explaining where I’ve been for the last year or so… I want to finish with what I am grateful for as that is what’s most important in this story.  I’m grateful for my family who loves me, for my friends who stuck by me, for the new friends who have come into my life, for the amazing people out there who are pushing me to “be all that I can be”, the chance to change my ways and regain my health and for the perspective I have gained.

And of course I am most grateful for the people who have come into my office and trusted me with their health, their good days and bad, their tears and their smiles, their secrets, their embarrassing stories (and who listen to mine) and in their own way, taught me something and helped mold me into who I am today. 

This is a profound statement for me and great for you to really read again! In working with fertility and cancer, the good days are REALLY good, the bad days are REALLY bad but I know with all my heart that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.  I am grateful…

JanaRoyerMorianJana Royer-Morian is the Owner + Acupuncturist of the top acupuncture clinic in Colorado called Inspired Wellness Center located in Arvada. Specializing in fertility and cancer, Jana proudly sees patients that travel in from around the entire state of Colorado for her services. Jana is best known for helping couples get pregnant, assisting cancer patients with the side effects of cancer, but her practice also deals with some of the BIG benefits of Acupuncture which are pain management and anxiety or stress relief! Jana Royer-Morian can also be found growing her Fertility-Club.com program that helps women around the world with helpful tools & resources to get pregnant each day!  Follow Jana on Facebook and Twitter to get inside all the juicy stuff.

Jana Royer-Morian