Why Do I Tri?

JanaRoyerMorianAs many of you know… Tri for the Cure, the triathlon I competed in, was to raise money for the Denver chapter of Susan G. Komen and breast cancer research. I did the race for two reasons, first because I know its good motivation for working out… but most importantly because I believe wholeheartedly in contributing in any way I can to cancer research. Cancer is a terrifying disease that knows no limits or boundaries and someone who is very close to me and is still rather young, has already had several scary encounters with cancer. While I was in acupuncture school, this person came to me and asked me to start learning about cancer and how to treat it with any and all modalities I could learn about because they are scared for the day they have a fight with cancer that they can’t win. That’s why I Tri!

To those people who kept cheering for even when I thought I couldn’t go any further… thank you!

Doing the race was inspiring because you race with women of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds and ages. Many of the women are currently fighting cancer or are survivors and even more are racing for loved ones and they show it with signs, shirts, hats or just words like “for you mom” written on their bodies. In the days before the race, I was looking at the website for the triathlon and found the video for the “Why do you Tri” contest. It was made by a woman who has an incredible story of strength and this video hit me like a ton of bricks and I deeply admire the woman who made it. http://www.triforthecure-denver.com/video.html

All in all I just wanted to say… “thank you” to those of you who came out to support us. “Great job triathlete’s” to those of you that raced and raised money. “Keep fighting” to those of you currently living with cancer. And to everyone… everyday is a gift! Start each day with goals, end your day with gratitude and never have regrets!

Jana Royer-Morian