The “Check-Engine” Light For Your Health

JanaRoyerMorianLast week I taught a health class at the City of Westminster and the topic was ‘How to Improve your Energy, Vitality and Youth.’ I thought we covered a lot of things you can do to improve your health, the biggest point in the talk was… THERE IS NEVER A NORMAL SYMPTOM!

So many people come into my office with a laundry list of symptoms that they have had for months or even years! There are two things I want to make clear to everyone reading this… Your body has its own version of a “check engine light” and that is a symptom (pain, cough, eczema, allergies, hot flashes, etc.). This “light” comes on when your body is functioning at LESS than 40% of normal. Would you drive around with your tires inflated to 40% of what they should be… I am writing this now to beg people to please take your symptoms seriously! It doesn’t matter how small they are or how little they inconvenience you… they will turn into bigger problems and once your body’s issues start to become compounded, it will be harder (and will take longer) to get rid of the symptoms and to bring your body back to a truly healthy state. Please be proactive about your health!

The second thing I want people to know is you don’t have to live with your symptoms (pain, fatigue, depression, asthma, allergies or whatever your health concerns are). Your body wants to be healthy, it knows how to heal itself… it just sometimes needs a little help to get on the right track.
There are lots of alternatives out there. Even if you don’t do acupuncture or Chinese medicine, get educated about what will help your condition and take it seriously. No matter what you do, once you are to the point of symptom relief, you can’t stop there… you must continue to heal your body and address the underlying problem that is causing the symptoms. Once that problem is corrected (through nutrition, exercise, stress management, PT, acupuncture, herbs, or whatever you are comfortable with) then your symptoms will not return and your body will be in better health forever.

My new outlook on my life, body and health is… I don’t want to have regrets and I don’t want to wish I would have taken care of the problem when it would have been easier to heal. And I especially, don’t want to look back on things that I couldn’t do because of my health, I don’t want anything to hold me back.
I hope you will consider adopting this outlook too!

Jana Royer-Morian