Arvada acupunture

I am usually very humble about the medicine that I practice because I know that it is the beauty of Chinese Medicine and the human body that does all the hard work.  I know that when people compliment me or the care that they receive in my office, they are actually complimenting the medicine that I just happen to practice.  But sometimes somebody says something so nice that it touches my heart and I have to share it.  Here is a letter I recently received from a family that had been struggling with fertility issues:


Women endure 10 months- (yes, it really is 10 months!) of anticipation, fear, pain, and joy- all the while just wanting to get this little bundle of joy into their arms!

It’s a miracle that our species has continued populating itself through all of the things women go through to have a baby!

It is for that very reason that we want to thank you-

Jana, if it had not been for you and your superb acupuncture therapy and your caring, accepting nature, Meghan and I would not have had such a magnificent experience conceiving, growing, and delivering this breathtaking baby girl!

You were there to help get Meghan ready to conceive- getting her ready to create a life!
You helped us get past the days of sadness for the lost first attempt, to the exuberance of a positive pregnancy test from the doctors office.
You got us through the morning sickness and days upon days of saltines, pretzels and water to days of hunger that could not be satiated fast enough, resulting in the treks across Thornton hunting the best Chile Rellenos, or Mickey D’s for Dr. Pepper and French Fries.
You eased Meghan’s mind from too many nights of dreaming dreams that belong to someone else, and heartburn that could make the devil scream in pain.
You released stress and opened arteries for feet that no longer resembled thee feet of a human.
Then there is the back pain and inability to get a full night’s sleep- (which you will not get again until this child is at least 13 anyway), the moment to moment self-questioning ‘am I going to be a good mom?’ what if… this and that…. When… how… what… where… you were there for all of it.
You got us through- when we got to the last week before she was due- we thought that she was going to be the biggest baby in the world and it was time for her to come out of there—- ‘get her feet out of my ribs’ ‘get her head off of my bladder’ ‘I can’t sit, stand, lay, or sleep- I am famished, but there is no room for my stomach past one bite of food.  There you were again- calming and reassuring and 2 days later—-the sound of a woman’s water breaking at 5:15 in the morning is one of the most amazing sounds in the world…. And 29 and a half hours later she’s here, the most stunning baby girl in the whole world!

So thank you, thank you for being you. Thank you for helping us experience the most marvelous experience in the life.  We know it would not have been as amazing as it was if it had not been for you.

Jana Royer-Morian