Tea Tree Oil is not Just Your Average Hair Product

Are you scratching your Head?

When you go to the store to purchase a new shampoo or conditioner for your itching head, what are you looking for?

Most people start to look for a shampoo or conditioner with Tea Tree. “Tea tree oil is used for many dermatologic conditions, including athlete’s foot, eczema, lice, and psoriasis and as an antiseptic,” says Jeanette Jacknin, MD, board-certified dermatologist and author of Smart Medicine for Your Skin.

We shouldn’t always limit Tea Tree Essential Oil to our itching heads. So let’s explore some other ways it can be used:  *clean out injuries that have become infected *inhaling helps to ease cold and coughs *steeping yields a brew that soothes rashes & sore throats *it has 12 times the antimicrobial power of standard antiseptic preparations *in World War II it was used as a antiseptic, fungus fighter & insect deterrent *helps with toenail infections *athlete’s foot *eczema *lice *psoriasis *acne lesions *boils *cuts *mosquito bites *rashes *stings *burns *sunburns *aching muscles *arthritis *bursitis *yeast infections *ringworm *jock itch *vaginal infections *dandruff bleeding & inflamed gums associated with gingivitis *reduces oral bacteria *ease warts *inflamed eyelids *scabies *anti-bacterial and *anti-fungal.

It is difficult for bacteria to outwit tea tree, which researchers are studying as an agent to help stop the spread of MRSA in hospitals (Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery 10/09).

Also, in another study tea tree oil was able to help reduce the growth of aggressive, chemo-resistant tumors in mice (Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 11/10). Tea tree oil may also help fight melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer (Planta Medica 1/17/10 online).

Tea Tree Essential Oil has a multi- use treatment of different aliments. Please be sure and consult with a Certified Clinical Aroma Therapist before treating yourself. If you don’t use Essential Oils carefully you can have some uncomfortable side effects.


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Jana Royer-Morian