Starting My Journey…

JanaRoyerMorianHi Friends. I’m sorry its been a long time since I’ve posted. Sometimes I feel like I blink and an entire month has gone by…while I’m on the subject of excuses… let me also say that I am a poster girl for “I’ll start on Monday.” I have to be honest in saying every Monday that has gone by in the last month has been “the day” that I was going to take my health back once and for all. So here is my plan for the upcoming Monday… I’m starting on Sunday instead. Yes, its true. This Sunday is finally the day I am going to start my journey to good health. And by posting it for everyone to see, I know my patients will be waiting and expecting me to report back about what happens when I do the things that I have been telling them to do all along. I know it won’t be easy but I know I am strong enough to come out victorious.

So here is a little health background on me. I am roughly 45 lbs overweight, my energy level is about a 6 out of 10 (10 being fantastic), my schedule is full, my stress levels are fairly high and some people might consider me to be a slightly moody person (big apologies to my husband). I am a late owl and must DRAG myself out of bed in the morning (often bribed by a large 2 tea bag black tea with milk and splenda). My diet is poor (for dinner last night I had pizza, a bread stick and half a coke). My exercise habits are infrequent at best… my MO is to attack something with everything I have in me for about 4 days and then lose interest. I have chronic (severe) back pain because of 2 herniated disc’s in my lumbar and scoliosis… many of you have seen how crooked I am. I know the back problems were caused by my weight and lack of fitness, but as time has gone on I have allowed myself to gain more weight (using the pain as an excuse) and I’ve neglected my body even more. I have issues with acne. I drink a fair amount of water. I know I have some allergies, but its almost impossible to get them treated because I am always treating other people.

I think that is a fair assessment of my health at this point.

The improvements I hope to see include reduction in body fat and weight, stronger muscles (especially core), my skin to clear, my sleep to improve, my energy to improve and my emotional health to be better (less stress, good mood all the time). And the biggest thing… I hope to see my back pain reduced or eliminated!

I have a plan in place which includes diet, exercise and supplements… I’ll outline more of that as I go. Most importantly I have a very specific goal in mind. Last year I completed the Tri for the Cure (for Susan G. Komen) and although it was a wonderful experience and I LOVED it, old ladies with walkers finished faster than I did. So I have recruited friends to compete with me again this year in the triathlon and it is August 3 which will be here in no time!
Stay tuned… (And wish me luck!)

Jana Royer-Morian