So… You Help People Get Pregnant… Like IN Your Office?!?

Arvada acupunture

Anyone who knows of my work at Inspired Wellness Center knows that the treatment of fertility issues is very important to me. People often ask a bevy of questions when they find out I treat infertility, but let’s start with the question of how I decided for this to be a niche for me. My story is much like the story of the rest of my life… it was kind of an accident (I know that’s a disappointing answer).  When I first got out of Grad school I had some training in the areas of fertility and women’s disorders according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but I never put much stock in needing that information in the future.

Oh how I should have paid more attention!

I opened my doors at Inspired Wellness Center in March of 2008 and then the unthinkable happened; someone called wanting to see if Acupuncture could help with fertility because nothing else had….AND IT WORKED!  (Enter my #1 Acu-Baby Paxton). And then a few more people got pregnant. Then someone else who was told she’d never get pregnant (and wasn’t trying)… got pregnant (oops!).  And so began the gradual beginnings of my interest in the treatment of fertility.   It began to seem as though everyone who I touched got pregnant and so I thought I must be lucky.  Eventually I found out about a national certification board called ABORM which is founded by both TCM doctors and OB/GYN Reproductive Endocrinologists and Infertility Specialists.  To become a Fellow of ABORM you must take the most difficult and rigorous exam I could ever imagine (and after high/undergrad/grad school I can imagine some tough tests) covering topics of infertility from both Eastern and Western philosophies making you an expert in all area’s of reproductive health.  In April of 2010 I sat for the ABORM.  My intention of taking this exam was so I would be more than lucky in getting people pregnant, but I’d be smart too, and I thought that would be an awesome combination!!!  And so it has been, in just a few years of private practice I have helped couples conceive 45 babies (and counting). To be painfully honest, I still cry every time someone calls to tell me their pregnant (and that’s a lot of happy tears!).

So to finish up with easy answers to other tough questions:
1.       YES! Acupuncture really does help fertility (and NO, it isn’t just in your head)
2.       NO! I don’t help couples actually conceive IN my office.  That would be gross and unsanitary and totally ridiculous!
3.       NO! We don’t have to do points in “private area’s” (see the second part of answer #2 above for more info).
4. What are success rates of acupuncture and fertility?   That’s a tough question to answer because there is a wide variety of reasons that make couples have a hard time conceiving.
5. What if your <doctor/friend/spouse/enter the name of whomever is poo poo’ing the idea> says acupuncture can’t possibly help you get pregnant?  That’s their opinion, but trust me… it helps (and I’m lucky, smart and a bit of an expert).  But if you don’t believe me… ask any of the nearly 50 baby’s parents I’ve helped and they’ll tell you Acupuncture definitely helps!!!

Jana Royer-Morian