Quick Updates….

JanaRoyerMorianHi All… Sorry I’ve been gone so long… Its been an interesting month.

But on to the good stuff: First of all, thank you to all of my current patients! July marks my one year anniversary since I started my business and thanks to all of my wonderful patients I am growing every month and loving it!

Along with the good news, I offer a warm hello to a certain little boy who came into this world yesterday at 11:19pm. I first met his parents last fall when they came to me after struggling with fertility issues for 18 months and after two months of acupuncture and herbs I got the call that she was pregnant. Over the months I have gotten to see her change and grow and yesterday I got to be at the hospital during her labor and delivery. At 8lbs 5 oz he is a healthy baby boy!

To those of you who are following me on my quest to improve my own health, things are still moving forward in a good direction. I have enlisted help with the nutrition and exercise from a wonderful person named Stoney Eskew of Eskew Fitness. She has been a great help to me so far… she congratulates me on my good days and encourages me to do better on my bad days. For those interested, we will team up to offer a Health and Wellness Seminar at the end of this month discussing health and weight loss. Please email me for more details.

Jana Royer-Morian