Our Top 3 Tips To Surviving This Cold/Flu Season

How To Survive the Cold Season

Is it just me or did cold/flu season show up in a hurry this year!?


You might have noticed that Colorado had an especially rough allergy season and

because of that, many immune systems are already compromised. Heading back to

school can means kids are exposed to more germs. Because “sharing is caring”…they

like to bring those germs home to their families. Thus begins the big germ spread.

Weak immune systems, plus lots of germs is the perfect recipe for a pretty epic cold

season this year. It is important for kids and adults to eat a healthy diet and get plenty

of rest so their bodies stay healthy.


But can you do more?


We think you can!


Give you and your family a fighting chance to stay healthy with these suggestions from

our office:


1.  Schedule an “immune boosting” treatment for the whole family early in

the school year. How does that old saying go; “an ounce of prevention is worth a

pound of cure.” Add some acupuncture for immune and stress, and just maybe you can

stay ahead of the crud this year!


2.  Stop by a pick up a bottle of Congaplex to keep on hand for the whole

family! This product by Standard Process is a MUST HAVE this year. It is used for

short-term support of the immune system (AKA at first sign of a cold) by promoting a

healthy immune response and providing important antioxidants.

 Small bottle (90 capsules -$10) small bottle (90 chewables- $13) or Large bottle

(capsules $31)

 Personally I find if I take 2 capsules 1-2 times a day I avoid most bugs that I’m

exposed to. If I do feel myself starting to catch something then I will take 2

capsules 4-5 times a day and usually by the next day I am good as new!


3. If the crud does catch you call us ASAP. Acupuncture CAN help you get

healthier faster by addressing sore throats, congestion, runny noses, coughs, headaches,

body aches, fatigue and more! We always hear…”I didn’t want to get you sick”. Don’t

worry, we take our own advice and strive to stay ahead of things by keeping our own

immune system healthy! So give us a call and let us help you feel better quick!


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Jana Royer-Morian