Note from Jana about her extended vacation:

A Trip to Australia Jana Royer-Morian (2)

Hi friends! 

Most of you have seen by now that I will bee out of the office for a little over three weeks!  First, yes…I am fine!  Many are quick to worry that I’m taking time off because something is wrong (and thank you so much for your concern). 


Truth is, I am going to Australia! 


When I was in high school I did a 9 month long foreign exchange program there and have always remained close with my host family.  They have been to the States twice to visit me, but I always promised my “Aussie sis” Bec (and I am her “yanky sis”) that I would be back so we could celebrate turning 40 together; so off I go!  I will be posting pictures on our Inspired Wellness Center Facebook page so feel free to follow along as I travel Australia with my husband, Bec and her family. 


While I am gone Lisa will be covering my schedule and Stephanie will continue to run a pretty tight ship.  Some of you have planned accordingly and have scheduled already, but for those of you who need ANYTHING while I am gone then Lisa is your girl.  She’s a total rock star and will give you excellent care so feel free to jump on her schedule! 


Because I am a total control freak, I will still be checking email almost every day while I am gone.  I will be able to stay in touch with patients, and with my staff.  If you are on a specific treatment plan, then Lisa will have my chart notes and wishes for while I am away.  We won’t skip a beat so rest assured your care will be in excellent hands in my absence. 


I will miss you guys; believe it or not, the office is my favorite place to be!  Again, follow along if you’d like via Facebook, email me with any questions/concerns, and know that I’m probably going to come back with a pretty dumb accent. 


Bon Voyage! 

Jana Royer-Morian