Arvada acupunture

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, sorry friends! But I’m ready to remedy my ways…

Today I wanted to touch on how important mindset is when you are struggling through… well, anything. I’ve had a patient in my office the last few weeks who has a very rare form of sinus cancer which only men in Japan and Africa (I think) usually get…and her, in Arvada Colorado. She was diagnosed with this fast moving cancer and started treatment almost immediately using a powerful form of chemo and radiation. She is two weeks into treatment and she is surprising her doctors, her family and even me with how well she is doing. She is very kind and claims that me and the rest of her health team are responsible… but I think something much stronger is at work here.
I think that her mindset is amazing and I think that is largely why she is cruising though this like it’s no big deal!  She told me a story of going through Costco on a motorized shopping cart because it sounded like fun and eating an enchilada yesterday because it sounded good (chemo/radiation and Mexican food usually don’t usually mix very well).

What’s her secret?  She laughs daily, relies heavily on her faith, takes the time to do the things she loves, listens to her body and just knows in her heart of hearts that she will kick this cancer in the butt.  I am lucky enough to see her twice a week and although I know that the acupuncture is helping her, I don’t think she knows how much she is helping me.  We all are at risk for some kind of major problem in our lifetime, whether it’s cancer or something equally scary… when/if my day comes to fight… I will always think of her and remember that you always have a choice, fight with fear or fight with faith.

Jana Royer-Morian