What Everybody Ought to Know About Quitting Smoking with Acupuncture

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As part of January’s coverage of common New Year Resolution’s we come to one Resolution that I wish, more than any other, for you to be successful with…Quitting Smoking!  It doesn’t matter why you started or how long you’ve been smoking, it’s still exciting that you are thinking of quitting.  Chances are good that you’ve heard the stories about how hard it can be to stop smoking, and even if this isn’t your first time trying to quit, this CAN be the time you are successful once and for all!

Quitting cigarettes is just like dealing with any addiction, it can be done but you have to be 100% committed!  And I’ve worked with just about every addiction you can think of from sugar, to nicotine and Meth to cocaine.  Here’s a few things I’ve learned firsthand.

  • First you have to want to do it for you!  You can be trying to quit for your husband or your kids… you have to want it for yourself because you know you are better off without it.
  • Second, once you’ve made the decision to quit for yourself, make a list of as many other reasons as you can think of and this can include your family, friends, health, hygiene and money.  Be clear why you can’t do this anymore and write it with painstaking detail so when you are craving it so bad you are about to give in, and your brain has convinced you that you should just do it, you can stop and read your list and know that no matter how hard this moment is… the moment will pass and it’s never worth it, falling off the wagon or starting from scratch.
  • Next, think things through!  Most habits are replaced with another habit so if you try to quit cold turkey but don’t have anything to fill that void, you will likely fall off the wagon.  What can you use to fill those times when you would have usually reached for a smoke (driving, after meals or social occasions)?  As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Tell people around you what you are doing.  If you are trying to quit smoking but your friends are all social drinker/smokers… tell them not to invite you when they go out to smoke.   It’s easy to think you can just avoid the situations all together, but life goes on and you will eventually want to hang with the people you’ve always enjoyed.  Opportunity to fall off the wagon will ALWAYS be there so you might as well jump in with both feet and prove to yourself that although you had the choice to indulge… you didn’t.


Okay, once you have all of that in place… now it’s time to start talking about how something like Acupuncture can really help you, especially in those first few weeks.  There is something called the NADA (National Acupuncture and Detoxification Association) protocol which is used in addition centers all over the world and is SO effective in working with addiction as it works to reset the brain chemistry involved in any addiction.  On top of that, you should be using acupuncture to deal with stress, irritability and lung health so that the first few weeks of being a non-smoker is an easy transition for your body, for you and for everyone around you!


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Jana Royer-Morian