Journey of an Acupuncturist

Arvada acupunture


by: Jana Royer-Morian, Owner + Acupuncturist at Inspired Wellness Center

People have lots of different questions they ask at their first visit to the Acupuncturist.  Some of the common ones are what should I expect, how many visits will I need to feel better, does it hurt and how does Acupuncture work.  But one of my favorite questions I get is,

“How did you get into Acupuncture?”

The first thing I usually tell people is… “Well, it’s an interesting story especially because I NEVER thought I’d do something like Acupuncture for a living….”

Here is my story:

I was born and raised in Westminster, Colorado and have been talking about my love of the ocean and sharks for as long as anyone can remember.  After high school I ended up taking a Marine Biology class at a local Community College which eventually led me to heading to the beautiful state of Hawaii to finish my undergraduate degree in Marine Science.  As you can imagine, spending 4 years on the islands was ROUGH 🙂 but after doing some work with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) I got a surprising call from home.

My boyfriend’s sister is an Acupuncturist in Colorado and in a major snow storm in Denver, and the roof of her Acupuncture office had collapsed.  After looking, she finally found a new space and was going to be re-building her office and wanted to know if I wanted to come home and help her.   I said yes, found a job at the Denver Aquarium and packed up to move home.  While we were rebuilding her office she suggested I go to school for Acupuncture and come work with her someday.  Without giving it much thought I agreed and registered at a Graduate school in Boulder, Colorado.

My first day of school was… interesting. 

Without having much background in any type of “alternative” medicine I had no idea what to expect or what kind of people I would be spending the next 3 years with.  School was nearly impossible, I am a bit of a terrible student and school required enormous amounts of memorization from the Acupuncture points, to the herbs we use, the pharmaceutical drugs we have to learn, the blood work translations, and then all the theory behind Chinese Medicine and more.

In those 3 years I cried a lot. 

But then I made it thru, enjoyed about 4 days of feeling like I knew something before I realized I had only scratched the surface… and then started the long scary road to private practice.  If you come into my office you know I don’t take myself too seriously, that I think this stuff (Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine) is really weird and that I am forever shocked that it is as successful as it is.

This Is What I know!

Hopefully you also know that I take what I do for a living pretty seriously, will always be honest with you about what I can and cannot help… and that I’m pretty damn good at what I do!  😉


JanaRoyerMorianJana Royer-Morian is the Owner + Acupuncturist of the top acupuncture clinic in Colorado called Inspired Wellness Center located in Arvada. Specializing in fertility and cancer, Jana proudly sees patients that travel in from around the entire state of Colorado for her services. Jana is best known for helping couples get pregnant, assisting cancer patients with the side effects of cancer, but her practice also deals with some of the BIG benefits of Acupuncture which are pain management and anxiety or stress relief! Jana Royer-Morian can also be found growing her program that helps women around the world with helpful tools & resources to get pregnant each day!  Follow Jana on Facebook and Twitter to get inside all the juicy stuff.


Jana Royer-Morian