Inspired Wellness Center is Going Virtual!

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We finally fell for Peer Pressure!!

Friends and Patients of Inspired Wellness Center, we have some very good news for you!  We are joining the age of technology!  (Clap and Cheer!)  Why would we do this, you ask? FOR YOU!!!  Let me explain…

  • You can now find us on Facebook.  You should “Like” our fan page because we put so much good info on there that you would be missing out if you DIDN’T like it!  You can find links to blogs which have many great health tips on there.  You can watch videos of Jana and (coming soon) the other practitioners of Inspired Wellness give tours of the office, offer health advice and cover topics like ‘8 Things You Never Knew About Us’.  We will also post information on current specials, special places we will be and any changes to our usual schedule, such as early office closings.
  • You can follow us on Twitter where we post our schedule every day!  This is great because you’ll always know where and how to find us!  Have an important question, check Twitter!  If we’re in the office give us a call, if we’re not… shoot us an email or post on our Facebook wall.  We will also tweet other quick health tips just for you!
  • We are blogging!!!  (But you already know this because you are reading this blog!)  You can keep up with new developments in Acupuncture research, info about Inspired Wellness Center, learn about how Acupuncture and Massage can improve your health and much more!  We also have a weekly blog called Inspired by Life where we will discuss any and everything that Inspires us at Inspired Wellness! For those of you who have tried to follow our blogs in the past… we are ACTUALLY blogging regularly now big thanks to Kristen Sonsma with Sonsma Media!!!
  • Our schedule has gone digital!  This matters because many of you have sent late night or weekend emails about getting an appointment scheduled or confirming your appointment time. In the past we’ve had to wait until we are back in the office to get back to you.  NO MORE!!!  With our schedule online, we can be more efficient for you!
  • Finally… for the big finale…. (drum roll please….)  Inspired Wellness Center is going to be going to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) by the end of 2011.  Why does this matter to you?  Because it’s your planet too and we want to make sure we are doing anything we can to reduce our carbon foot print and this includes majorly reducing our waste.  Do you have other suggestions of how we can help our planet be happier and healthier… just let us know!


So there you go friends!!!  Inspired Wellness Center is officially falling into peer pressure and going digital.  We’ll be seeing you somewhere in the cyber out there!

Jana Royer-Morian, Owner – Acupuncturist,


Jana Royer-Morian