Inspired By Life – You Want Me To Run Up THAT?!?!?!

This week’s Inspired By Life is about a friend of mine. This friend, we’ll call him Roger, competed in a race this last weekend in the mountains of Colorado. This event was called The Mud Run (a fundraiser for MS) and is a 6.2 mile run up and back down a mountain that people SKI on in the winter… Mary Jane in Winter Park.  There were also lots of military style, muddy obstacles along the way to challenge you even more than just running up a mountain already would.

Roger had never done a race like this before, the kind that really pushes your mind and body to the lengths that this one did. In fact, Roger has never been particularly competitive or active. As we arrived to the event and I saw what kind of course this Mud Run was made up of, my heart sank for my friend Roger. I knew he had been nervous the night before and I imagined it was way worse seeing it in person. As the race was about to kick off, the MC talked in depth about how this was the most difficult course of its kind in the whole United States and all I could think about is “Oh, poor Roger!”

. . . . .Fast forward 3 hours and 39 minutes Roger crossed the finish line after running up and down a ski mountain, down an icy cold water stream and through the mud. He did the things he thought he couldn’t do purely because he made up his mind that he was going to. Words could not express how proud I was of my friend who pushed himself and did it!

I wanted to share this story, not because you care about Roger, but because we all have the opportunity to BE Roger. Who hasn’t said “no” to something because they didn’t think they could. It is not your limitations, mental or physical, that is stopping you… it is FEAR. It doesn’t have to be about a race up a mountain, fear can stop us from doing many other things like going back to school, pursuing our dreams, meeting new people, taking up a new hobby or just being happy. I like to challenge myself as often as I can because it Inspires me to do things that I thought I couldn’t. I’ve done triathlons, half marathons (did I mention that I HATE running), swam with sharks and opened a business in the worse economy since the Great Depression. I challenge all of you to look at places in your life where you can push yourself, put fear to the side and try something new. It’s a powerful feeling when you succeed at something you (or others) thought you couldn’t.

I’ll end this blog with a wonderful quote: “It’s not who you are that is holding you back. It’s who you think you aren’t.” Unknown

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Image by: (Mud Run MS)
Jana Royer-Morian