Inspired by Life: What I am Thankful for in 2011

Arvada acupunture

It’s the end of December and 2011 and I suppose it’s the time of the year to reflect back on the year just passed and become hopeful for the year to come. When I think back on the year passed there are good and bad memories that come to mind but that’s probably true for everyone out there … And let’s face it, almost nobody has gotten thru 2011 untouched. But here are the top 5 things I am grateful for in 2011

1. In interviewing for new staff for my office I was surprised to hear about how many Acupuncturists/Massage Therapists didn’t make it thru the recession theses last few years. This made me so grateful for every person who has come into my office and for a business that has continued to grow over the years.

2. The amazing privilege to have met and helped almost 25 couples conceive healthy babies this year…and we currently have even more in the works!

3. The pleasure of working with Dr.Samir Witta for the second year and his support in the field of integrating acupuncture into the cancer treatments of his patients. I have learned so much and have become Inspired to continue learning so I can be the best Oncology Acupuncturist in Denver and help many more people.

4. The excitement of opening a new comprehensive wellness center just for cancer patients. We will be named AIM and we will be open in January 2012…stay tuned for more details!

5. My own health (how’s that for selfish!). I had some ups and downs this year with my own health issues, including TWO surgeries and stitches for the first time in my life!  I have learned the valuable lesson that I MUST take care of myself if I want to continue taking care of others. My body can only take so much stress and abuse until it falls apart (and in my case, goes down swinging!). Please learn from my mistakes and realize its never too late to start taking care of yourself and that you don’t just deserve it…but it’s a true necessity!!!!

Ok – those are the big things on my list this year and I can’t wait to find out what amazing things and people I will be grateful for in 2012!  See you on the other side!

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Jana Royer-Morian