Inspired By Life – The Awesomeness of Treating Fertility

Working with fertility is a funny thing and anyone who has been to my office knows I don’t take myself too seriously. When I get the opportunity to work with a new couple who are trying to conceive the list of things we need to work on can be short or can be very long. Often I am so busy trying to make sure that I am doing what I need to be doing, exactly when I need to be doing it… that I don’t put much thought into anything else. Last week I was treating a patient who had known that I had reached a big milestone in my office. I have officially helped 50 couples get pregnant. She asked me what it felt like to know I had been involved in something like helping someone bring a child into the world I think I smiled and said it was awesome and then probably made some dumb joke and moved on, but later in the day I came back to her question in my mind…

In some ways, treating fertility issues is “just part of the job” and just like treating back pain, there is an initial problem and there is a preferred end result, everything in the middle is just doing what I’ve been taught to do and hoping the body responds. I should be clear in saying, my only role as a fertility specialist is to attempt to correct any physiological issues that could be contributing to fertility problems and I am certainly not trying to play God. In other ways, I suppose I know treating couples who are trying to conceive is special because it’s almost impossible not to get close to these people and in looking back at all the names of couples I’ve been able to help… I can remember the way each and every person told me the good news. As of September 2011, that became 50 couples!

Maybe 50 isn’t a big number compared to a fancy Reproduction center who have probably helped thousands of couples, but 50 is a big deal to me because those are 50 people who I had the good fortune to be with every step of the way. I got to be the person who answered their questions, who handed over the tissues, who knew every detail of every bodily function they never wanted to tell anyone about, the person who made them laugh, the person who told them what to push for at their doctor’s office and more often than not, I was one of the very first phone calls when they got that positive pregnancy test. I often still get to be the person who gets new photos in the mail, invitations to birthday parties and to be a part of the baby’s life as they grow up.

So I guess the answer to the question.  . . . How does it feel? Well, it feels pretty freaking great. It feels good to make a positive impact on any person, but to be a part of making their family complete… well that’s the most amazing and most humbling thing I could ever ask for.

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Jana Royer-Morian