Inspired By Life: Survivors helping others become survivors

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Acupuncture for Side Effects Of Cancer

This week’s edition of Inspired by Life is brought to you by an amazing story between survivors.  I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with a new patient at the cancer center, we’ll call her Terri.  Terri was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in December and was told to start her chemo right away and they will be doing surgery afterwards.  The reason I met Terri was because of a former patient of mine, we’ll call her Betty.  Betty also had Breast Cancer and has been a cancer free survivor for almost two years (YAY you, Betty!).  Betty did acupuncture during the end of her chemo treatments and to get ready for her surgery and she feels that it REALLY helped her feel better during treatment and recover faster after surgery.  When Terri got her diagnosis she told me that even though she didn’t know Betty very well, she emailed her right away to tell her the news and that since the email, they had become very close…brought together by some of the worse circumstances any of us could imagine.

What Inspired me about this situation is that I can remember talking to Betty while she was still going thru treatment and her asking the question everyone who has been dealt a tough hand asks, “why me?”  I can remember thinking that there is no right answer to that question and telling her that hopefully some good could come of this someday.  Once I met Terri, I knew the “someday” had come and this was how Betty could squeeze a little good out of what had been a terrible situation.  She now had the opportunity to “pay it forward.”  She is going to be the one person that Terri will lean on because she is the one person who has actually walked down the path that Terri has in front of her.

I hope that everyone realizes that they have an opportunity to help a “Terri” in their life.  We all have a story that we can share with someone who can benefit from hearing it from someone who has been on the same road.  Your story could be about living with a difficult disease, trying to get pregnant, growing a business, raising a family, or just being a human being.   Even though this story is about cancer survivors, we all are survivors with the opportunity to help others become survivors too.

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Jana Royer-Morian