Inspired by Life – Are you a Sugar Addict?

Arvada acupunture
By: Gina Dane of Inspired Wellness Center

This week I have been so inspired by two people in my life. One is my sister-in-law, DD, and the other is a friend I haven’t seen in 15 years, LB. They are both in a fight to gain their health back so that they can have a healthier lifestyle. No, they don’t have anything like cancer, lymphoma or anything serious.

They’ve inspired me with their words and actions. Since January, DD has lost 50+ pounds and LB has lost 45+ pounds. WOW!!! I asked them both how they are doing it. They said they are eliminating SUGAR and FLOUR or both. There are a few other things that they are doing, but what they said really made a difference to my thinking – SUGAR. While looking at my diet and exercise situation, I realized that it was pitiful!!!! Since moving to Denver, I will admit that I’ve increased my exercise but it hasn’t been what it needs to be for a healthy lifestyle.

So, what am I going to do about it? DETOX the SUGAR from my diet. I’ve realized that I’m a SUGAR addict. I found out that a Sugar Addict can detox in 28 days. Sugar addictions are as bad as drug and alcohol addictions. That was really scary to me. I’ve NEVER thought of myself as an addict. I’ve started this journey and I am going to succeed with family and friends support. “One Day at a Time” is my focus. Anymore than that and it is to overwhelming. It isn’t about the weight, it is about being healthy. I’m watching what I eat, taking nutritional supplements and essential oils. They are known to restore the nutrients that I’m lacking, curb my cravings and support me emotionally and mentally. Acupuncture, Massage and Ion Cleanse Foot bath will be my go to healing modalities as well. They help to detox, change the energy patterns and support my withdrawals. Thanks to DD and LB for encouraging me and for saving my life! I challenge you all to consider, “Are you an Addict?” 
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Jana Royer-Morian