Inspired By Life: Exciting New Frontiers!

Last week I was at the cancer center I work at and was giving the Oncologist (yes, he actually practices what he preaches!) a treatment, when he brought up an idea that he had been tossing around for a while. He has recently moved into the new, top-of-the-line location in Golden called Red Rocks Cancer Center which is a beautiful, comprehensive cancer treatment center full of some of the best doctors in Denver and includes a surgery center, two oncologists, a radiologist, physical therapy and more.

With this move, it means that our old location is sitting vacant and although he had intended to sub-lease it out, he’s now thinking it could be something even better. His vision is to turn our old office into a one-stop-shop “wellness” center that is specifically targeted to cancer patients. In this, he would have a variety of different types of holistic/integrative medicine practitioners and also include things like yoga and other specialty classes.

The ideas of this endeavor really touched me because of my commitment to treating cancer patients and helping them thru and recover from their traditional cancer treatments. The idea of bringing an entire team together to accomplish this goal really inspired me. My favorite part is that it is the idea of my oncologist. It makes me excited to see the partnership between Western and Eastern or Allopathic and Homeopathic medicines! I believe that it is coming together that we will best be able to serve the needs of our patients.

As we discussed this more and my mind began to run with all of the ways we could make this center really fantastic it occurred to me I wanted to be more than just someone that works there, I wanted to be a bigger part of it and so I will partner with my Oncologist in bringing this ambitious idea to life and watching it grow into something amazing. This new frontier both Inspires and terrifies me but I believe that there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you have enough passion to see it thru. So stay tuned for the evolution of what will be named AnthioGen Integrative Medical Center . . .and wish me luck!

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Jana Royer-Morian