Inspired By Life – Baby & Fertility Secrets Between Friends

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A couple weeks ago I attended an event that included quite a few people that I know socially (many of them from high school). I got a special treat when an old friend/patient arrived at the event and I knew a secret of hers…one that nobody else knew.

This woman had been trying to get pregnant (second child) for about a year and a half, doing acupuncture and other things she had done to get pregnant with her first child. A common friend of ours told her to give me a call because she had heard I was having pretty good success with fertility, and luckily for both of us, she did. When we first met, I thought she might be a tough case, but she ended up falling pregnant immediately. When any fertility patient calls to tell me they are pregnant, I usually cry… not uncontrollably but a few happy tears. And to help someone who I’ve known for about 10 years was even more special. The hard part became keeping my mouth shut when people who knew we were working together would ask me how things were going. It’s not my secret to tell, and as an Acupuncturist I’m bound to the same confidentiality rules as any doctor. BUT tonight the beans got spilled and thankfully, not by me! This friend that I helped become pregnant decided to make the announcement that she was finally pregnant and almost through her first trimester.

I have worked with about 45 couples who were trying to become pregnant and each time I got the call with good news it was a special moment between us, but that’s basically where it ended. I might hear stories of how the news broke to husband/family/friends down the road, but it was all hearsay. Tonight was really inspiring because I got to be there as the news spread and see the happy faces of mom and dad and the friends who support them. I finally got to witness the hugs and high fives and the smiles. I can’t explain why it was so special to me, but it really was. It reminds me to keep working, keep learning, keep doing my very best as an Acupuncturist and as a fertility specialist. There are certainly dark, hard days when these couples that I get so emotionally involved really begin to doubt that it will ever happen for them.

My job then is to be more than just their Acupuncturist; I try to be what they need me to be whether it’s a cheerleader, an advocate, a friend or just the person that stays quiet and hands over the tissues. Those days are tough, and on those days it’s impossible not to bring my work home with me and spend hours reading or researching what else I can/should be doing. But when we get that good news…it all becomes worth it, the hours of charting temperatures, reading emails, mixing herbs and planning our next steps. And seeing that good news spread among friends… well, that made it even better!

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Jana Royer-Morian