Inspired by Life: Good Kids and Their Halloween Treats

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! I love everything about it . . .the scary movies, the dressing up, the haunted houses and of course the CANDY!!! This year, even though Halloween was on a Monday and I had a full day of patients, I still kinda dressed up and had fun with the day. The night was winding down and we’d already had a lot of kids come to the door when I met the most amazing boys.

I came to the door when I heard them knock and what I found was a young teenage boy (maybe 15 or 16) and he was carrying a smaller boy (maybe 8 or 9 years old) who dressed like a soldier. I wasn’t sure why he was carrying the kid until I looked over his shoulder and saw a wheelchair at the beginning of our sidewalk, just before a step. They were very polite kids, saying their “pleases and thank yous” and the older boy even had an extra bag for their little sister who was home sick. When I joked that he probably just wanted more candy for himself he immediately pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of a sweet little girl about 5 years old, dressed up like a princess. I asked if they had been out for a long time and the older kid told me that they had started about 2 hours ago and still had a ways to go before they were home again.

After talking to the kids for a few minutes in total, they were off to their next house and I was about to go back to a scary movie when it struck me that if the older boy was carrying his brother to our house, then he had obviously carried him up to the door at all the houses. Our neighbor doesn’t have a step on their sidewalk, just steps up to their porch so I watched the kids as they went next door and sure enough they went as far as they could and then the older boy would pick up his little brother and carry him to the door. It really moved me to think of this kid who is plenty old enough to want to be doing anything but taking his brother out trick-or-treating is out there, in the cold, carrying him from house to house and collecting candy for his sick little sister too. At that point I wanted to run out and give those kids every piece of candy I had in the house . . . and anything else they wanted.

In a world where I am often frustrated by the manners of kids and their attitude of being “owed”, it really Inspired me to meet these sweet kids who clearly don’t have the best of circumstances and were still such cool little people. I can only hope that they made such a positive impact on the other people in our neighborhood . . . and that somewhere nearby those kids are enjoying the candy riches that Halloween brought them.

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Jana Royer-Morian