Inspiration For The Un-Inspired

JanaRoyerMorianSomething happened recently that I wanted to share with everyone…

I have what I consider to be the best job in the world, I get to meet people, hear their stories and help them with their health concerns. I genuinely enjoy my days and all of my patients….but I still can get a little frustrated with people after watching the news and hearing about all of the terrible things that people do to each other. A couple of days ago something happened that was refreshing and inspiring…

I was half way through my day when a patient who has had about 15 allergy treatments came in. This person is a big believer in acupuncture and has had some incredible transformations during this process. When I was getting ready to leave the room so she could rest, she said, “remind me to talk to you about someone I want to fund.” I didn’t really understand what she meant by that so when we were done with her treatment I waited to hear the whole story. She continued to tell me about a person who has some very serious health concerns and who doctors have pretty much given up on.

I want to make it clear that she has never met this person, just heard their story through a mutual friend.

After explaining the situation to me she asked if I thought that acupuncture and/or allergy elimination could help and I said that I thought it would and I would like to give it a try. My patient said she wanted to pre-pay for 10 treatments for this person who was ill. I was so surprised that she would offer something so generous for someone she had never met… she explained that if she could help someone (even a stranger) get healthy and take their life back after everyone else had given up on them…. that would be re-payment enough. It was an example of kindness and generosity that I had never witnessed before and I am forever grateful to my patient who reminded me to never miss an opportunity to help someone in need.

Jana Royer-Morian