If You’ve Ever Felt Stressed….READ ON!

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JanaRoyerMorianLast week I was at my computer brainstorming about what I should write about in this month’s newsletter… then I got a call that changed everything.
Many of you know I am trying to change a few things about my health.  I’ve started an exercise program, a nutrition plan and I started getting Acupuncture pretty regularly.  I decided that with all of these positive changes in my life, I should also go to my Doctor for a physical.  My Doctor was very supportive of my changes and offered to order some blood work to make sure everything was as it should be.  Twelve hours later he called me to say we needed to do some additional testing, but he thought I might have Leukemia.  Anyone who has gotten news like this knows how it impacts you… At first, you think positive, then you try to ignore it, then you get desperate and then the bottom falls out and your world stops.
After 5 days of waiting, I got the call I had been hoping for… my Doctor told me that “the good news is, it isn’t Leukemia.”   (so what was the bad news?)  He went on to explain that I am at high risk to get Leukemia because of my family history, and also because of a bone marrow disorder I have.  He told me there were a few reasons for it, but in my case, its caused by stress.  I don’t think I am any more stressed than the next person, but obviously my body has a different opinion.  Now that I know what needs to be changed, I believe I have the tools to change my situation and improve my health on several levels.
I decided to share my story with you because I am hoping to give you a wake-up call too.  We read so much about the economy, the recession, the crime, the environment… we add that to the stressors of our everyday life and its a recipe for disaster.  Your body is sending you symptoms as a cry for help, you can only ignore them for so long, eventually it catches up with us.  This is your only body and you must live in it no matter what the economic and environmental factors are.  I encourage you all to utilize exercise, proper nutrition and preventative healthcare to keep your body running efficiently even through these stressful times.
After my own health scare, I decided I wanted to offer patients a way to join me in this quest to reclaim our health and kick stress out of our bodies.  Please call for  more information about our phenomenal “Your Best Health” package we are offering.  This package will be available until Feb 28th.
Jana Royer-Morian