I Totally Believe…

As an acupuncturist, I have been in he middle of some of the most interesting conversations.
There are generally 1 of 3 things that will happen…

1. People run. It used to bother me that when I would tell someone I was an Acupuncturist they would shut down and walk away. Not even in a polite way…just jump ship. I’ve often wondered if these people were in fear that I would suddenly drop a sleeveful of needles out and poke them with out their permission. For the record…I would never.

2.  People will tell me whatever extreme or complicated diagnosis they have and ask if Acupuncture can help that. Sometimes it’s in a honest way, where I know they are hopeful that I might be the missing link to their health. Sometimes it’s in a confrontational way, as if they are presenting me with some kind of challenge. Generally my answer is along the lines…”I don’t know, Acupuncture may be able to help. My rule of thumb is to try it three times and by the end we can see if you’ve noticed any improvement.”

3. My personal favorite. “Oh my gosh.  Well I TOTALLY believe in that stuff!”  Often people will tell me how their aunts, neighbor’s, sister’s, husbands dog got Acupuncture once and it helped them so they definitely believe. I love these people because I know they are trying to make me feel better, justify the time and money I spent on my education in Chinese Medicine and establish some kind of connection. However… It just doesn’t matter if you believe or not.

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. It was the first form of organized healthcare and is generally said to be the most commonly used medicine in the WORLD.  It is extremely well researched and is constantly proven effective even though our understanding of how it works is poor. It is not magical or mystical, does not include any kind of questionable chanting/crystals or whatever else you might imagine. It is cool stuff.

So as my final words to those people who do believe, thank you.

To those who don’t believe, sorry but it doesn’t matter if you believe or not. The results aren’t in your head and Acupuncture doesn’t work for every condition or every person so if it didn’t work for you, I hope you’ll give it another shot in the future.

My favorite thing about Acupuncture is this…can you think of anything else we were doing 3000 years ago that we’re still doing today in this world of technology?  Me nether.
I guess there must be something to this stuff…

photo credit: LeonArts.at via photopin cc

Jana Royer-Morian