How To Stay Healthy This Winter Season

Happy December to all! I can’t believe it’s already time for the holidays!

Lately I’ve been seeing A LOT of sick people in my office and many people ask what my secret to staying healthy is… I wanted to share some tips so you can stay healthy this holiday season too!

First… Always cover your neck when you are outside! In Chinese Medicine we believe that you get sick when “wind” is allowed to attack your body and this usually happens through your neck. Covering your neck is your best defense from a wind invasion.

If you DO get sick and need some suggestions for getting better faster, try any/all of these!

There is something I keep around the house… its called Cold Snap. If I feel like I am getting sick or if I’m spending a lot of time with sick people, I start taking 2 capsules every two hours. Usually within 24-36 hours I feel fine again and this is most effective if you start taking it at the first sign of symptoms (or as a preventative), not when you are already sick. (PS- This is not a diagnosis or meant to cure all, just something that can be very effective in keeping a healthy immune system).

Another thing I like to suggest is for people who have dry coughs (common in Colorado) … eat lightly steamed pears with a little honey and cinnamon on it. Pears are known to be very nourishing to the lungs and by lightly steaming them it will moisten them too thus helping a dry cough.
If you ever start getting sick and feel the aches… the best thing to do is to drink a special tea made with fresh ginger and scallions and then soak in a warm tub after. Just keep in mind that once you are sweating your body is at risk so be sure to keep covered and warm until you sweat “the meanie’s out.”

If you try everything you can think of and the crud still gets the best of you… then try acupuncture and Chinese herbs. A well known effect of acupuncture is boosting the immune system and helping your body recover.

I hope this helps you all have a healthier and happier holiday season!

Jana Royer-Morian