Here Goes…

JanaRoyerMorianTo all of you reading this… I offer you a big hello! In case you don’t know me, my name is Jana M. Royer-Morian and I am the owner of Inspired Wellness Center. In my past life, I was a marine scientist in Hawaii and although I miss it very much…I’m a Colorado native and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I am now an Acupuncturist in Denver, Colorado and I absolutely love what I do! I’ve endured three years of Graduate School to earn a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine on top of my four year Bachelors degree from University of Hawaii. My favorite things to treat in my private practice are allergies, depression, insomnia, chemo side-effects and so much more.

My goals for this blog are simple: I want to provide a forum to talk about whatever I want. Everyday I am inspired by something (hence the name of my clinic) and I want to pass it on and I hope other people will be inspired too. I plan to discuss successes and frustrations I am having as a small business owner, I want to tell people about the things I am learning and suggest things that might help them live a more vibrant life. And I want to keep you all updated on all things Inspired.

I also want to be upfront about the things I am being faced with as many people think they are alone in their struggles… Everyday I ask people about their health concerns, their mood, their sleep, their poop (yes, poop) and I expect total honesty from them if they want me to help them to the best of my abilities. As I thought about this blog, I decided I wanted to tell others about my stuff too (well, maybe not my poop… that is a little personal!) but at least my health adventures. I’ll let you all in on a dirty little secret… Even though I can coach people through a variety of health situations and give them advice and instructions to make them feel better, I take the worst care of myself. I am finally ready to take my health back, make myself a priority and start taking my own advice. Lets all hope for the best!

I have two small requests from those of you reading this… First, if you have a request, response, question, etc. please post. I’d like to see this blog as an open forum. Second, I beg you all to disregard my spelling, grammar and punctuation. My CPA always says to do what I do best and let others do what they do best… I’ll be honest, I am not the best at proper English, I just want to be up front about it now.

So, in conclusion I ask all of my readers to please stay tuned…

Jana Royer-Morian