Getting to Know Courtney – Welcome to Inspired Wellness Center

“Every problem has a solution and I’m here to help you find it.”


There hadn’t been much traffic on the way down to see my Mom and Dad, at least, not that stretch of road. I was long past Raton going south towards Santa Fe – between cell towers and radio access. The only thing passing me were my thoughts and a small band of motorcycle riders. I began to glance across the prairies in hopes to see some antelope when I was suddenly wrenched back into focus. One of the motorcycle riders had crashed into a guard rail by a ferocious gust of wind. I stopped and ran to help. She was still alive when I got to her. Fortunately, the others in her group had been aware of the accident and had come back to help as well. One of them was a retired firefighter, and another one, her Dad.

We were locked in what felt like no man’s land. Far from cell service and even farther from the nearest hospital, we kept her as comfortable as possible while trying to keep her alive. Although she couldn’t speak, her eyes locked onto mine – probably because I was the only one she didn’t know. The firefighter kept talking to her and called her “Skittles” – her nickname. She was only 32, a Mom of three young kids, from Albuquerque.

I’ve been with dozens of people when they’ve taken their last breath, but it was her death which has haunted me the most. I felt so helpless and so ignorant at a time when someone needed me most. You see, I’m hardwired to fix things. This was one thing I couldn’t do.

That is why I became an EMT. I had found myself sorely lacking in the emergency skills necessary despite decades of practicing as an Acupuncturist. I set out to learn about emergency medicine and found myself loving every moment. Each time I end a shift on the ambulance, I think of the young mother who died too young.

I write of this because I was asked to blog about who I am and hope that it sheds light on what lengths I will go in order to help someone. When someone comes to me with their problems, I do my best to figure out a solution, and, if I can’t help, I certainly will do everything in my power to find someone who will. Every problem has a solution and I’m here to help you find it.

I’ve been in private practice as an Acupuncturist for over 30 years now and a Massage Therapist for even longer. I will often combine the two when treating someone with an injury. It has helped me better understand the miraculous biomechanics of the human body as well as understand the person. I consider myself a general practitioner with specialty in musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and geriatrics.

I received my Masters Degree in Traditional Asian Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. I’ve been an instructor at the Colorado School of Traditional Asian Medicine in Denver, on the Board of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado and began a program to treat the Homeless and those who struggle with addictions. I’m Nationally and State licensed as an Acupuncturist, EMT and Phlebotomist (NCCAOM, NREMT, NCPT). I’m a volunteer for the Red Cross and 9 Health Fairs – but my proudest moments have been being the parent of two of the most amazing young men.

I look forward to working with the team at Inspired Wellness Center so that I may learn how to improve my skills and most of all, I look forward to meeting you. After all, it is you that I am here for.


Courtney, Acupuncturist, Inspired Wellness Center

Jana Royer-Morian