Secrets Finally Revealed Inside! The Successful “DUH” DIET

Ok, lets get real for a minute. Don’t you just hate that phrase your parents used when you were a kid… “Do as I say, not as I do.” It’s such a ridiculous thing to say but so many of us live this lifestyle, whether it’s as health care practitioners, mothers, wives or just human beings. I have basically been telling my patients this (non-verbally) for years now. We all have fantastic excuses for keeping us in the same poor lifestyle habits that are easy, comfortable and more fun but in the grand scheme of things they are just excuses because we are unwilling to change.

I am proud to say, that I have lost about 25 pounds so far (and at a whopping 5’5”… that’s kind of a big deal) and the funny thing is, I don’t really know how it happened. Isn’t that the most disappointing answer you’ve ever heard? Let me give you a quick tour of my weight saga. I’ve never been an ideal weight so I have no idea what that would be for me, however I would assume I have spent most of my life about 20-30 pounds heavier than what I should probably be based on BMI. In 2005 I suffered a terrible back injury and in a 3 year span I gained another 30 pounds. The hard truth is, these are both pretty poor excuse. I’ve always been this way, my back hurt so I gained weight, etc. In actuality, I was heavy because I ate too much of the wrong foods, and I didn’t exercise.

Last December a patient came to my office I hadn’t seen in some time and she had obviously lost a lot of weight so I asked the same asinine question that everyone asks, “OMG!  You look great! What have you been doing!” Isn’t that just the worst question? I think its basically implying.. “hey you looked terrible before and now you’re finally looking better…tell me your secrets!” Well, about the time I was bending over to pick up my foot and stick it in my mouth, she said she had been doing the “Duh” Diet. I leaned in like I was about to hear the secret of the century and she proceeded to tell me… “I ate less and exercised more.  You know… like DUHHHH!!!!”

To my friends and patients who want to know what I’ve been doing and what I will continue to do to lose the rest of the weight I don’t need to be dragging around with me… I’m doing the “Duh” diet. Join me! I eat candy if I want it, but in giving myself permission to eat it… I tend not to want it as much as I used to. I had three slices of pizza last night for dinner AND a beer (big shocker!) and do I feel bad about it??? NOPE! Have I made better decisions all day today because I allowed myself to splurge last night???  TOTALLY! I know sugar and bread isn’t good for me, so when I can, I avoid it. I go on bike rides and walks because I like the fresh air and the sun on my shoulders, not JUST because I need to work out. I do zumba because it makes me smile. I started living more on the principle of being active because it feels good and not because I needed to burn 300 calories. I eat mostly to fuel my body and occasionally to pacify my emotions and cravings.

I finally quit trying to lose weight and since then I’ve lost 25 pounds. The “Duh” diet is the best diet out there and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Image By: (K.B. Wray)

Jana Royer-Morian