Let’s Just Get A Few of The Embarrassing Questions Outta The Way…

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Have you been looking into Acupuncture for fertility reasons?  I bet the idea of leaning on something like Acupuncture to boost your chances of conceiving brings about all kinds of questions so I thought I’d take a moment and cover a few of the big questions that you might want to ask but were to embarrassed to…

Here are the Top 5 “Uh, I hate to ask this BUT . . . . ” Questions I Get Asked 

  1. “UMMM, Where do the needles go when you are doing Acupuncture for Fertility?”  This is THE question so we’ll just tackle this one first.  They do NOT go where you think they might… as much as you don’t want me in your “business”, I do not want to be there either.  A general rule of thumb in my office is that most needles will go between your elbows and fingers and your knees and toes.  There are some times in the cycle that we may do a few pokes on your tummy, below your belly button, but that is as awkward as it’ll get.  This goes for you too Boys!!
  2. “Do you really need to know EVERYTHING?”  Yep, eventually you’ll end up spilling all the beans so you might as well get comfortable with it early on.  Eventually I will know everything about your sex life, your period, your “bodily fluids” and more.  And trust me, nothing you could tell me even phases me anymore, so don’t ever worry about grossing me out or over-sharing.
  3. “I know you say you help people get pregnant, but you don’t actually mean IN your office, right?!”  This question comes up more than I think it would… it’s true, I do have the pleasure of helping people get pregnant, but no… the “work” actually happens at home and not in my office.  That would be weird.  And hugely inappropriate.
  4. “If I tell you what’s going on with my husband’s sperm count, do you have to talk to him about it?”  Nope!  Many a wife has called me and given me all the details of the semen analysis over the phone and when hubby shows up, although we all know what he’s there for, we never need to talk about it if he’s not comfortable.  Fact is, a poor semen analysis can have a really negative impact on a guy’s ego and if we often don’t want to add any additional stress to the situation.  I am happy to hang out and talk beer and football while doing what I need to do to turn the next semen analysis around.
  5. “Isn’t it a little forward to say that you can help someone get pregnant?”  If I refer back to question #2 where I say nothing phases me anymore, I suppose this question is the exception to that statement.  I have met probably 7 or 8 people in my career who believe that it is not up to Medicine (of any kind) to create babies, but a higher power and if I am claiming to be able to help a couple get pregnant then I am in some way comparing myself to that higher power.  The simple truth is, I am in the business of fixing things.  Hopefully the work we do together helps your body correct whatever issue may be inhibiting your fertility and allows you to become pregnant with a healthy baby.  That is all we claim to do, help your body be the healthiest version of itself.  End of story.


Alrighty friends… those are a few of the most awkward questions I get asked about Acupuncture and fertility.  If you have other questions, please just let us know and we’d be happy to answer them for you!


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Jana Royer-Morian