Do You Suffer From Stomach Problems?

Arvada acupunture

This morning I was at a group meeting and I brought up how effective acupuncture is for treating gluten allergy/intolerance’s.  I speak to this group every week and this topic really had people interested…so I thought I would expand on it a little bit in this blog.

I meet new patients all the time who are hesitant to discuss their digestive issues.  It’s amazing how many people have relatively severe digestive problems that they either don’t want to talk about or don’t consider a problem.  I want people to know Acupuncture is phenomenal at treating (dare I say “curing”) digestive problems.  And especially if those problems are directly linked to what you are eating.  In my office I treat lots of people for food allergies and they watch in amazement as their life-long digestive issues disappear.  Yes, even gluten problems can be treated with the form of Allergy Elimination that I practice.

If you know someone who wants to join the rest of us in eating “regular” food and ordering off of a normal menu… Please have them contact us at Inspired Wellness Center so we can talk about how Acupuncture can can help improve their digestion and eliminate their allergies!

Jana Royer-Morian