Do you know why men benefit from Acupuncture?

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Men’s Health Week– What do Men Most Often Get Acupuncture For?

I’ve heard statistics from other Acupuncturists that men only make up about 20% of their patient base. At Inspired Wellness Center we actually see a lot of men.  Any wife, girlfriend, mother, sister and doctor could probably tell you that it is NOT easy to get a guy to the doctor, so I’m pretty impressed that so many men come to our office for Acupuncture.

The first question you may ask is how do they get there? Let me tell you, I have seen and heard just about every underhanded trick from women to fool their men into coming. For instance, a woman who told her husband they were going to the movies and brought him to my office instead, and then tried to make me explain to him why he was there! Some women bribe them, and some just make an appointment for their guy to surprise them. To be totally fair, lots of men come all on their own.

Once a guy finally makes it into my office I have 3 objectives for the first visit: 1- Convince them I’m not a quack or some weirdo just because I do acupuncture. 2- Woo them with my knowledge of beer and football to keep them talking.  3- Do my job well and make sure they will feel better ASAP so when I tell them they have to come back, they know that it’s worth their time and money because the Acupuncture really does help.

So with Men’s Health Week here, it seems like the perfect time to talk about the top health conditions that bring a guy to my office:

1. Pain –  Many guys have pain in their back, knees and elbows from either the sports they play or the work they do.  Pain is a wonderful thing to treat with a guy because most pain will improve by some degree within 12-24 hours and everyone loves to see “instant” results.

2. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  This issues seems to affect far more men then women and it is something I have had a lot of experience in treating with Acupuncture.

3. Fertility.  This includes poor sperm counts, low morphology and/or low motility.  As you can imagine, this is a sensitive subject and one that I will usually try to find the details out from another source because men don’t often like to have to say it out loud that there is any issue with their “swimmers”.  Here’s the good news guys, your fertility issues are usually a hundred times easier to fix than a woman’s and often even just a few weeks of treatment can make a significant difference in a semen analysis.

4. Digestive issues.  This is another example of a time that we may not talk at depth about the issue because not too many men like telling a woman they don’t know intimate details of their digestive system.  Often we are faced with the idea of dramatically changing our diet to regulate our digestion or seeking some kind of help for it and Acupuncture can make a dramatic impact on digestive health as we regulate the intestinal systems and help the body process food more effectively.

5. Stress!  This is a big one for everyone in our office and certainly applies to men as they don’t always have all the outside stress relievers that women do so they tend to keep more of their stress inside where it wrecks havoc on the body.  Acupuncture has proven in scientific studies to release a lot of the “feel-good” chemicals in the body and therefore has a dramatic impact on stress, energy levels and sleep.


Jana Royer-Morian