Developments in Neuropathy

Arvada acupunture

I work with one of the top oncologists’ here in Denver and so I see lots of cancer patients who suffer from chemo-induced neuropathy and are looking for natural forms of relief from methods such as Acupuncture.  Neuropathy is an awful side-effect which leaves patients with a variety of different types of numbness and/or tingling in their extremities.  Their pain can vary from feeling like they are walking on glass to walking on cotton.  This feeling can be in their hands or their feet or both and it can also be accompanied by tingling as though their hands have fallen asleep.

The type and location of neuropathy seems to have a direct relationship to the type of chemotherapy they are receiving and as I see more and more of these patients I am starting to see certain trends in which medications are causing which type of  neuropathy.  I am also starting find successful ways of treating the different forms of neuropathy using nothing but acupuncture and, if necessary, moxabustion.

I know these patients suffer with the numbness and/or tingling but I want them to know there is hope and it can be treated with acupuncture.  In most cases we can provide significant relief and some of the time we can offer complete relief.  Stay posted as I am currently working on a treatment guide for acupuncturists so they can offer relief to cancer patients everywhere.

Jana Royer-Morian