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Acupuncture For FertilityIf you know Inspired Wellness Center, you know that our two passions are working with people who want to become pregnant AND people who have been touched by cancer.   It’s only natural for us to be a resource then for those people who are wondering about how having cancer now will affect their fertility later!  Unfortunately cancer is not an “old person’s” disease and it’s totally possible to receive a cancer diagnosis before you’ve gotten to the part of your life where you are ready to think about children. Using our knowledge and some literature from the good people at fertileHOPE ( here is some basic information about how cancer treatments may affect your fertility later.


    • Cancer treatments can affect the reproductive system in many ways.  In many cases you will be instructed to avoid getting pregnant for months (or even years) after you complete your treatments.
    • If your cancer is hormonally sensitive (such as Breast or Gynecologic cancers) then you may need to look into embryo freezing and/or surrogacy.
  • FOR MEN:
    • Cancer treatments can have a major effect on your sperm and function so it is important fully discuss with your doctor what the risks are.  In most cases you will be instructed to wait 6-12 months after cancer treatments have finished before trying to conceive.
    • In general, the good news for men is sperm banking is an easy and affordable way to guarantee you still have options later in life.
    • Will any of my cancer treatments affect my fertility?
    • What are my fertility preservation options?
    • How will I know if I am fertile after treatment (especially you guys, your fertility can return suddenly!)
    • What are my chances of early menopause?
    • Do I have a type of cancer that can be inherited by my children?  Is there genetic testing available to ensure I don’t pass on the genes?
    • How long do I need to wait after cancer treatments end to start a family?


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