Can We Really Trust the Multi-Vitamins in our Grocery Store

We’ve all been guilty of taking the easy way out, but honestly how often has that really paid off for any of us.  Your multi-vitamins are the same story.  I was also once guilty of buying a Costco sized “you just gotta take it once a day” multi-vitamin and felt pretty good about myself on the days I actually remembered to take it.  The first question I now ask myself was, did I feel any better when I was taking it… nope, not really.  I took it because I thought I should.  The second question is could one tiny pill really serve up all the vitamins and minerals my sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) unhealthy diet didn’t provide?  Answer…nope again.

Enter my fabulous Nutritionist Cindy Naske of Knowing Wellness, who spent countless conversations trying to teach me about the importance of using FOOD as nutrition rather than pills.  Our body recognizes FOOD, it does not recognize processed garbage.  Why wouldn’t this same philosophy include the supplements we use to “bridge the gap”.  In our office we know and love the product line Standard Process because of their impeccable reputation for using whole food products from their farm in Wisconsin in their vitamins and supplement but I am sure there are other great companies out there who do the same.  The trade off is that you have to take more of the product because the concept of “mega-dosing” doesn’t exist in nature so we wouldn’t expect our whole food vitamins to be any different.  The multi-vitamin that Standard Process offers is called Catayln and you have to take one tablet 2-3 times a day.   But it is a tablet that is made up of 15 whole food ingredients which are recognized by my body and therefore properly absorbed and utilized… and not just peed out.

So I challenge you to look in your medicine cabinet at the vitamins and supplements that you are taking and ask yourself a few questions.  First, do you feel better taking all this stuff?  Second, have you looked into the quality of the products?  And last, are you really saving that much money when you buy giant bottles of vitamins that your body neither recognizes or absorbs and instead just goes down the toilet.  I’d like to think that the health of every one of us is worth the time and money spent on finding quality products.  Do you want to know where you can purchase these awesome Standard Process products in the Arvada, Denver area?  Please contact our office and we’d be happy to help you out as well as answer any other questions you may have

photo credit: colindunn via photopin cc

Jana Royer-Morian