Butterflies are Free

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Guest Blogger : Sue Bock

I remember when I was 6 years old, having a cocoon attached to a stick in a jar. Plenty of air reached my treasure because of holes poked in the metal cap. My curiosity about the transformation was my wish. Over several weeks, I watched as the butterfly emerged and the wings flapped so they would dry out. As a child, you like to watch the magic happen when you awaken to something new. Then it was time; I freed the butterfly to find its adventures.

Well, I am creating my transformation from a sleepy caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly now. I am changing my life to show who I am inside. Helping people gives me joy. I love hearing the light bulb go off when that aha moment lands. I love to travel and see what serendipity pops out in my adventures. It’s amazing what curiosity emerges when two different cultures interact. My butterfly is emerging from its cocoon. It’s beautiful with lots of bright colors and I like flashing my beautiful wings to see how they dance in the sunlight. This transformation is bringing forth a new wonder, a new curiosity, even a magical giddiness from within. This is what you can find inside yourself. “Really,” you might say? I say a loud resounding “YES!” Your butterfly wants to break free and find new adventures, new flowers to drink life from.

When are you going to shed your cocoon and let your butterfly free? What wonders do you seek? What would your butterfly look like? Would your wings be bright colors and dazzle? Would they be subdued with just a hint of blue or red? Would you be small or big? So many choices! Think of the freedom you can have dancing from flower to flower.

Let’s start a butterfly rabble (yes that’s a “flock”) and explore what you have inside! I am eager!

Cheers Sue

"Sue Bock"





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