Bike To Work Week/Day

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Here at Inspired Wellness Center we understand that as part of the “Wellness” part of our business we need to encourage our patients to lead lives that are healthy in all ways possible and those include mental, emotional, physical and environmental.  For this reason we have always celebrated Bike to Work Week and we encourage our patients and our community to do it too!

Bike To Work Week is May 16-20 and

Bike to Work DAY is Friday, May 20th!

Before you think you could never bike to work for a day let alone a whole week… let us plead our case!  The bicycle is the vehicle of the future because it’s efficient, economical, healthy, (can be) fashionable and is (definitely) fun!  It’s officially the simplest way to get healthier while saving our environment.  And lets be honest, health and environment are two pretty important things for all of us.  In fact medical research has established the fact that a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three days a week can reduce incidents of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and improve mental health and cardio-vascular fitness.

So join us! Whether you are a patient of Inspired Wellness Center, a member of our community or somewhere entirely different, join us in making a commitment to our health and our environment and ride your bike.  May we suggest just a few safety tips though… just because we care about you.  Get your bike checked over by your local bike shop, always wear a helmet, ride in the right-most lane that goes in the direction you are traveling, obey all traffic signs/lights, look before you change lanes, learn the proper signals and finally be visible at all times to drivers.

For Patients of Inspired Wellness Center we will be offering you $1 off a treatment for EACH mile you bike to work on National Bike To Work Day (may 20th).  What a great way to pamper yourself with some Acupuncture and “me-time” to continue your commitment to improving your health.  I hope to see you out there on May 20th!

Jana Royer-Morian