Benefits of Organic Food for Cancer Patients

Guest Blog by: Kate Flahert


Benefits of Eating Organic

Organic food is extremely beneficial to human health given the lack of pesticides and harmful chemicals that many non-organic foods have. Specifically, organic foods are particularly beneficial to fighting cancer.  The diagnosis of diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, or mesothelioma is often devastating to individuals and their families. For some, the diagnosis might even result in deep depression that causes a loss of appetite and malnutrition. It is also possible that the cancer itself might change the body so malnutrition occurs. According to the National Cancer Institute, nutrition therapy or the eating of highly nutritious foods, helps patients maintain a healthy body weight, improves the immune system and increases the chances of surviving cancer.

Benefits of Organic Food for Cancer Patients:

*Organic foods are better when battling the disease or practicing preventative care as most organic foods contain a number of immune-boosting nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

*Organic foods do not contain any pesticides, preservatives or unnatural chemicals. This means the food will not interact with medications or lower patient immune systems.

*High nutrition content in organic foods helps cancer patients who are struggling with malnutrition. According to the National Cancer Institute, many cancer patients suffer from this condition, especially in cancers that change how the body absorbs nutrients. By eating organic, patients have a higher amount of nutrients and thus the body is able to gain better nutrition.

*An improved immune system is a key to cancer life expectancy. The survival rate of cancer varies, but it is possible to improve the chances of living longer by eating organic to boost the immune system. Mesothelioma life expectancy, breast cancer survival or any other cancer survival is more likely if the body has a strong immune system to balance the treatments and fight the cancerous cells.

*Eating an organic diet helps patients detoxify the body. By removing chemicals, pesticides and harmful metals from the body, patients will see an improvement in overall health and energy.

Special Considerations:

*In cancer care, nutrition is only part of the treatment. While organic food has benefits that help improve health in cancer, organic food and improved nutritional habits alone is not enough.

*Patients should try mild exercises as appropriate for the cancer and according to doctor recommendations. Some exercises like yoga might help alleviate nausea or side effects from medication.

*Plan organic food eating schedules under the directions of a doctor. Only a doctor can determine which nutrients are most necessary for the body based on where tests show a lack of nutrition. This will help determine which foods are best for personal needs.



Jana Royer-Morian