Be Inspired 21 Day Challenge


We will officially start this 21 Day Challenge on January 11th. Before we get started please watch [VIDEO 01]. PLUS, there is a bit of homework to complete as well.


I want you to watch the video and when you’re done I want you to figure out the areas in your life that you want to take some Inspired action.

Here’s a reminder of what my categories are, but feel free to change any out for ones that speak to you more.  In each area I set 3 “intentions”, specific areas that I can improve on without the limitations of hard core “resolutions” that I would likely fail at anyways.

  • Spiritual- this one can be whatever you want it to be.  My intentions are around things like volunteering, journaling and finding my own way to being a good person.

  • Personal- I love stuff like reading goals, vacations and talents to work on.

  • Relationships- This might be different for you.  Relationships with your boyfriend, partner, kids, friends, family, etc.

  • Financial- This is the one place that I do have some specific numbers, especially in the areas of savings and vacation contributions.

  • Health/fitness- No brainer.  Just make sure these get you excited; no pressure just fun!

  • Home skills- For me this is about cleaning routines, fixing up some parts of my house to make it feel more like home, and dealing with clutter!

  • Business- this might not apply to you, or perhaps you change it to ‘work’ in general.


I really challenge you to knock these out today!  Don’t wait, we all know how fast time goes…put some stuff on paper that feels good, makes you excited for the year to come.

Day 1:

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