Testimonial: Acupuncture Works for the Side Effects of Cancer – Hear Beth’s Story!

Beth’s story is one of inspiration and an authentic journey towards wellness. While we may not be curing cancer here at Inspired Wellness Center, we have become a major player in the wellness plan for cancer patients across the state of Colorado. The side effect of Cancer are REAL. The stress of that journey is REAL. The results of Acupuncture helping cancer patients through each aspect is very REAL.


An even less talked about area of the success of Cancer Survivors is the struggle of their family that is involved. It’s so important for those caring for someone going through a cancer treatment plan to ensure they are staying healthy and energized!

Beth’s story is not rare, and we are glad to be able to help so many others like her going on a journey. Her amazing candidness should provide inspiration that you to can have a positive wellness journey through Acupuncture.



Inspired Wellness Center is conveniently located in Arvada, Colorado and proudly serves the entire Denver Metro area. While we provide Acupuncture services for a variety of ailments from allergies to pain, we specialize in Acupuncture for Fertility and Cancer patients. For a free consult or additional questions please contact us directly at (303) 377-1365. 

Jana Royer-Morian