April Women’s Wellness Series: Make Space For What Matters

Making space for what matters
As a  professional organizer, my job is to help people make space for what matters in their life.  If there’s one thing we know about life, it’s that it never stays the same.
  • a new baby,
  • starting a business from home,
  • opening your home to a parent who needs to downsize.
  • deciding to start over in a new place.

Our life changes and our home needs to keep up with those changes.  Oftentimes, we get frustrated when changes come because our homes are filled with too much stuff.  We try to reorganize it all but there just isn’t room.  My goal is to start a conversation about how clutter and disorganization affect our sense of wellbeing, why we have too much stuff in our homes, and what we might do about it.  I won’t promise you the secret to organizing in 7 easy steps, but I will help you think about why you let things into your space, why you let them stay once they’ve got in the door, and how you might let help them leave.

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Lucy Kelly
Professional Organizer
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