Allergies, Fertility, and more….

JanaRoyerMorianHello friends. I just wanted to touch base and give a few updates on all things Inspired…

First of all I want to mention how grateful I am to have wonderful patients, a practice that grows every week and an army of people who are helping me be successful. I think gratitude is one of the most important things we can have in our life and no matter the ups and downs we experience I think finding at least two things to be grateful for every day makes us better people.

This week I have been treating a lot of allergies and I want to bring up something that I have been thinking a lot about this week. I have been testing and treating kids (young kids) who already have the same number and types of allergies adults have. This seems to suggest something is going terribly wrong to cause all of these kids to have such severe allergies at such a young age. I wonder what this means and if its just going to get worse from here? I wonder what other people’s experiences and thoughts on this are…

On to some brighter news, Inspired Wellness Center has some exciting events this week… We will be at the City of Westminster health fair on Thursday where I hope to meet lots of new people and answer questions about Chinese Medicine.

I will also be attending the baby shower of the first fertility patient I met in my practice. This woman had been trying to get pregnant for 18 months was about to go down the scary road of Clomid/insemination when I first met her and after only 8 visits I got the call that she was PREGNANT! She is now 6 months along in a very healthy pregnancy, she’s had no problems with morning sickness and the doctors often mention how strong this little baby seems to be. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for this couple!

Stay tuned… As promised, I have been doing some of the ground work regarding improving my own health. I’ll be sharing more on that later this week. Its funny, it’s easy for me to give others advice on how to get healthy… but it sure is hard to follow my own suggestions.

I hope you are all making this day a great one!

Jana Royer-Morian