Acupuncture vs Cancer

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JanaRoyerMorianI’ve been working with a wonderful woman who I first introduced last week and talked about her amazing mindset while she deals with cancer.  She was happy to see that I had written about her and gave me permission to expand on her story… She is a 57 y.o woman named Linda who was recently diagnosed with a very rare form of sinus cancer.  She is about half way through near-daily rounds of radiation on her face and has completed 2 of the 3 rounds of an aggressive form of chemo.  At this point, even the youngest and strongest person would probably be dealing with some fairly severe side-effects from this necessary treatment plan.  Linda, on the other hand, is thriving.  She has some issues that we are working through, so this process has certainly had some effect on her body, but she is still smiling and still fighting and I think doing better than most people would (should?) be at this point.

When they first discovered the cancer and talked about the aggressive way they were going to treat it, Linda put together a team of people in charge of her health and I was grateful to be a part of it.  She comes to my office twice a week for acupuncture and we work on whatever issues are most predominant for her at that time, ranging from nausea, fatigue, sleep issues and more.  I should be clear in saying, she doesn’t care much for the needles… but does it because she knows the end result is worth it.

Today I got some exciting news from her and her daughter.  No matter what we decide to focus on in each treatment, we always do things for the immune system because at this point in treatment the body’s white blood cell count is extremely low setting patients up for a host of issues if they are exposed to any kind of bacterial/viral pathogens.  Well, Linda brought in her blood work results today and her white count is holding pretty steady which is another sign of how well her body is doing.  Linda and her daughter said that even the doctors were surprised by the results of her blood work.

Although I am not one to usually take too much credit for the results of my work… I know that the Acupuncture and Moxa treatments are a big part of what is helping her body cope with the chemo and radiation!  This is especially interesting because there is a large number of people who think the positive results from Acupuncture is just in your head.  I challenge these skeptics to consider how if acupuncture is truly a “woo-woo” type of medicine, how can the positive results even be reflected in blood work if it truly is “all in your head.”

I hope this message reaches other people who are going through cancer… it doesn’t matter if you believe in Acupuncture or not, it works!  Keep an open mind about it and know that we can help you feel as good as possible as you go through this scary time.

If you would like to read more about Linda’s journey through chemo and radiation, her blog address is

Jana Royer-Morian