Acupuncture & Induction

Arvada acupunture

Hello All, long time since my last post… so sorry!

Well I wanted to post something on a little known use of Acupuncture. Acupuncture is incredibility effective at increasing fertility chances and at inducing labor (as long as the time is right, of course!) We have helped make 23 babies at Inspired Wellness Center and of those we have been able to help induce about half of them. A couple of weeks ago I had a woman show up who had to be induced with her first pregnancy and was trying to avoid that in her second. After the first treatment her contractions were a little more frequent and after the second treatment… her water broke and she was on her way.
When using acupuncture to induce labor it is common for things to “really start working” 24-36 hours after treatment and once things do start progressing they usually move much faster for a easier labor!
Our woman we met just a few weeks ago began labor about 36 hours after her second treatment and her beautiful little boy arrived just 8 short and easy hours later!

If you are considering using Acupuncture to induce labor make sure you are going to a qualified and licensed Acupuncturist that has experience in dealing with pregnancy!

Jana Royer-Morian