Acupuncture For ADD or ADHD

Arvada acupunture

JanaRoyerMorianPeople ask me all the time what can Acupuncture do for ADD/ADHD?  I usually shy away from the question for one big reason… I don’t believe in the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.  I know this statement will probably make me very unpopular with a number of people, but it’s how I feel.  The next comment out of people’s mouth is usually :”well, you don’t know what it’s like to have a child with ADD, if you did, you’d believe.”  The fact is… I do know what its like.  Someone very close to me, whom I love very much, could be considered the poster child for ADD and every time I spend a length of time with him I really struggle with how to react to his behaviors.  He is impulsive, hyper, loud and often frustrating to be around… but under all of that he is the sweetest kid who would do anything for your love and approval.

So why is this worth writing about.  Because I challenge people to find another way to work with kids who have these behavior problems rather than medicating them.  One pill I recently heard about is for kids with severe behavior problems, but its been shown to TAKE 7 YEARS OFF OF YOUR LIFE.  How can anybody choose a medication like that over the chance of changing the behavior naturally!

Here’s  what I want to do to help.  First, I think these behavior problems are mearly a symptom of some dysfunction in the body.  If we address the dysfunction rather than masking the symptoms, then the behavior should go away, right… I have started working on this family member and am looking to work on as many other kids as I can.  I want to show the world that with lifestyle changes and acupuncture, you can correct the dysfunction and eliminate the need for horrible pharmaceuticals.  Yes, it will take time and commitment… but isn’t it worth it?  So far I have had great results with improving mood, focus and overall performance in school.  I am still working with the fastest way to work on the hyperactivity and impulsiveness, but am sure with a little more experience I will find the way!  If you know of any families struggling with this issue and looking for a natural way to address the problem, please have them call me so we can discuss how Inspired Wellness Center may be able to help them.

Jana Royer-Morian