Meet Your Wellness Specialists


PURPOSE: We are committed to delivering quality care, giving hope to those we serve, giving back to our community and treating those that walk through our doors like extended family.


GENUINE/AUTHENTIC: We are unique and unapologetically us.  We are “real” and want you to feel comfortable enough to be the same.  We take our craft seriously, though not ourselves. We approach business and life with a laid-back and fun attitude.  


COMFORTABLE: We deliver safe and effective treatments, meeting our patients where they are at in their health care journey.  We put our patients’ physical, emotional and financial needs first.


SUPPORTIVE: We listen and genuinely care.  We are approachable, and our door is always open.  We love supporting our patients inside and outside of the office, in helping them to reach their health care goals.  

ADAPTABLE: We translate an age-old medicine in to modern times using the latest research to inform everything we do.  Our office is relaxed, and we roll easily with whatever the day throws at us.