9/11 – Inspired Wellness Center Remembers … We Stand By You!

September 11, 2001 is a day where we will always remember where we were and what we were doing. I was in Hawaii sleeping when the planes hit the World Trade Towers. I remember my boss, Kelly, calling me and saying the United States was under attack so I jumped up and turned on my TV and saw the carnage that had been unfolding for the last several hours. I called my boyfriend and told him what was happening. He said his sister had called him hours ago to tell him but he didn’t think he should wake me up as he knew I would be devastated by this news.

For most of the day I sat and watched with horror as everything unfolded, but the images of people jumping out of the Towers were the most upsetting to me by far. Even as the years have gone by, my husband and I vary on how we deal with things like 9/11. He, like many others, is more of the thought process of “it’s sad, it makes me feel bad… why would I think about it?” I feel differently. I feel I am doing a terrible thing by not paying my respects to the thousands of people who lost their lives, the people who helped with recovery and rebuilding and the families impacted by the events of 9/11.

I’ve since spent time at Ground Zero, looking at the scar that is left and praying for everyone involved. As time moves on, I am proud of how New York has triumphed over that terrible day and I’m looking forward to visiting NYC again once the new tower’s are up and the memorial is finished. On this 10 year anniversary, I send my thoughts and prayers to the families who will no doubt be having a difficult day. I hope they know that there is an entire country standing behind them saying, “You haven’t been forgotten, we will always remember and we are so sorry for your loss.”

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Jana Royer-Morian