8 Days and Counting….

JanaRoyerMorianHappy Friday to everyone!

First, thank you to everyone who gave my last post such warm messages… so many of my patients have been encouraging me to keep up the good job when it comes to this whole “getting healthy again” business. Its so nice to know you guys care!

This week I have been very disciplined with my health because my triathlon is just around the corner (Aug 3) and although I am nervous… I am also SUPER excited. The race is for a great cause, Susan G. Komen and most of you know treating cancer is very close to my heart because of my family history. Although I would like to improve my time from last year, mostly I am doing it for fun.

People have seen me start to change (I’ve lost 8 lbs so far) and have asked what all I am doing… so here you go. I have been keeping to a low glycemic diet that is high in protein and fiber and I have been eating smaller meals more often to keep my blood sugar even. I had some licorice last night as a splurge and it was interesting how much my taste has changed in the last few weeks. I found it to be very sweet, very heavy and kind of a bore to eat… sadly this didn’t stop me from eating the whole package. But live and learn.

I have been exercising 5 days a week working within a targeting heart rate range so I am improving my endurance and not just killing myself in the name of cardio (thank you Stoney!). I do 2 strength training sessions a week which will probably increase after the triathlon. I went the Chiropractor yesterday (a big “shout out” to Dr. Dan Hestera at Arvada Family Chiropractic), I got an acupuncture treatment (thank you Nancy!) and I have finally dragged myself into the physical therapists office to get their take on my back (he seems optimistic).

Next week in preparation for the race I have another round of acupuncture, PT, chiropractic and massage scheduled. As well as more workouts and more healthy eating. No body ever said that getting healthy is easy or fast… so I just keep moving forward. But the best part is I’m no longer a victim of my unhealthy habits and when I am at my goal weight and my spine is healthy and straight… I’ll know that I earned it…

Jana Royer-Morian