7 Warning Signs To Know If you Suffer From Hormone Issues

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Aren’t they wonderful.

They start ruining our life early on and don’t quit until the bitter end.  I suppose they are responsible for some pretty great things too, like reproduction, but that’s about all the credit I can give them.  I can say that when they go bad, they take everything around them down too.

So lets talk about hormones, ba-by.  (You know, like that song, Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. Nevermind, if I have to explain it, it probably doesn’t work here).

    1. If you are moody, smelly and covered in pimples you are likely getting your first round of hormones as a teenager and everyone around probably dislikes you.  Don’t take it personally, we all went thru it.  The warning signs here are when kids are growing faster/slower than they should, early/delayed periods in girls, really big mood swings.  There are some options for hormone control at this point and I really recommend Acupuncture.  We are always trying to teach the body a new normal and if we can get it to balance out by itself, it should mean good things going forward.
    2. If you are hot/cold/flashy, dry and moody you are probably peri-menopausal.  And again, everyone around probably dislikes you (just kidding…never make fun of the menopausal woman, she might kill you!)  Women can start menopause at lots of different ages and for lots of different reasons.  There are products that are available over the counter, products called bio-identical hormones and then prescription hormones that you can get to make the transition into THE CHANGE easier.  Just be careful of your family history, if you have any kind of hormone related cancer in your family, you’re better off using something like Acupuncture to balance hormones than taking anything.
    3. If you are a guy who is tired and has a low libido then you might have testosterone issues.  This is an easy fix, just ask your doctor for a blood draw to confirm and then they can discuss the options with you.  Don’t overlook this one, no sense in feeling this way if you can fix it and if you are thinking of trying to make a baby soon… I guarantee this will be an issue.
    4. If you are moody, tired, haven’t had your period for 1-9 months and dislike the significant other in your life then you are probably pregnant!  There is no help for this, you must all just try to survive the first trimester, enjoy the second and hold on tight for the third because it’s about to get crazy!  A decent diet, exercise and some Acupuncture will likely make everything easier but lets be honest, whatever Mama wants, Mama gets!
    5. If you are burnt out, overwhelmed, have blood pressure issues, heart palpitations, feel “buzzy” etc then you might have some Endocrine issues going on.  They will likely look at your thyroid first (also be looking for hair loss, cold, fatigue, dryness, depression) and maybe your adrenals/cortisol levels.   These are important issues that can be supported in a number of ways but should first be addressed by your doctor!
    6. If you know things like your FSH, estradiol, TSH, AmH then you are probably trying to get pregnant and hormones are often the gate keeper to fertility.  It’s important to know what your hormones are doing during the cycle so I really encourage basal body temperature charting as it’ll give you an idea of what’s happening at each stage and if any hormone in particular is misbehaving.
    7. If you are a human being you likely have had/do have/will have some kind of hormonal issue.  Know your options and know what lifestyle changes you can make to support your hormones (ahem…. STRESS).  If you have questions, ask somebody.  If something doesn’t feel right, go to the doctor.  Every problem easier to fix the sooner you get your hands on it, and hormonal changes included.

photo credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc

Jana Royer-Morian