7 Steps to Choosing An Acupuncturist

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Are you thinking about letting some stranger poke a bunch of tiny needles in you? 

It’s a big decision and as I know (because I hear it all day long), you probably don’t like needles and you’re probably a little nervous.

Here’s a few tips FROM an Acupuncturist to FIND a Acupuncturist…

  1. My biggest hope is that you take the time to find a fully trained Acupuncturist rather than somebody that just offers Acupuncture in their office.  Look for initials like L.Ac, MSOM, L.OM, D.OM.
  2. Check out www.NCCAOM.org to search your area by zip code for Board Certified Acupuncturists.
  3. Check out if your state regulates Acupuncture and if so, are they state licensed.
  4. Acupuncture is effective for treating almost anything you can think of, some issues more than others, and some practitioners are better at some things than they are others.  Look for somebody that specializes in treating what you are hoping to fix.
  5. There are different styles of Acupuncture.  Don’t be afraid to ask an Acupuncturist what their style is like, they’ll know what you are asking.  True Chinese style Acupuncture means you will often feel more sensation on the needles however there are a lot of people that think if they can’t feel it, it isn’t doing anything.  This style is often best for pain.  Another common style is Japanese style Acupuncture in which there is very little sensation on the needles, if any at all.
  6. Ask for a free phone consultation so you can get a feel for the person, and so they can give you a better idea of their treatment plan once they’ve heard a few more details from you.  Be leery of anyone who tells you it will be a set number of visits and then you’ll feel better.  Everybody is different so we can never guess how many treatments it’ll take but I can assure you, if Acupuncture is going to be effective for you, you should be feeling some results within 3 treatments.  If no change by then, it might be time to try something else or somebody else.
  7. Listen to your friends, family and gut.  Ask for referrals from those who have used Acupuncture before and if you get a bad feeling about something or somebody, listen to it, you’re probably right!

Best of luck to you in your Acupuncture journey, we hope you find it to be as awesome as we do!

Jana Royer-Morian